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concept massages akwaterra

Welcome to the World of Akwaterra Massages, an alliance of Water and Earth …


the kit

It comprises four pairs of massage accessory of ceramic sandstone porcelainite..

Each one has a specific shape and function optimising their properties.

Their ergonomic shape combined with the diffusion of the heat allows the practitioner to perform a profound application on the entire body with a continuous flow of energy, and also allows treating areas of tension.

massages "à la carte"

  • Relaxing
  • Vitalising
  • Skin-tightening
  • Or purifying

Beneficial for re-connecting with the body, stimulates appeasement and revitalisation.

The efficacy of Akwaterra massages also relieves daily discomfort and unknots muscles tightened by stress.

cold or hot

The advantage of having the choice of hot or cold temperature allows you to apply individual treatments on your clients.

Diffusion of Heat


Relaxes muscles, releases tension etc.
Akwaterra tools are filled with hot water (about 40°) and kept in a bain-marie on an electric heating plate.
The diffusing heat of Akwaterra tools opens the pores and accentuates the benefits of essential oils and massage oils.

Diffusion of Cold


Improves the blood circulation, tightens the skin of the body, drains fat cells, smoothens the skin…
Akwaterra tools filled with cold water and placed on the plate with ice-cubes activate slimness

accessory included in the kit