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general terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions for sales between Akwaterra Sarl, with its seat in 850 Chemin de la Gayère – 84290 Cairanne in France, registered at Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés d’Avignon (register of commerce), SIRET number 808 964 266 00015 and persons/clients who wish to purchase via the online shop of the website http://massages-akwaterra.com/.


  1. Subject and field of application :The present general terms and conditions define the sales and purchase modalities between Akwaterra Sarl and its clients. They present the realisation of different steps concerning sales, orders and payments, the delivery of products and assure the handling of an order between the two parties.
  2. Order :The client can place an order via:

    – our website : http://massages-akwaterra.com/

    – our e-mail : contact@massages-akwaterra.com

    – our postal address : 850 Chemin de la Gayère – 84290 Cairanne –France

    The client engages to supply the following information:

    Name, first name, full address, phone, e-mail

    Designation of the ordered product

    Ordered quantity

    Address of delivery (if different from address of invoice)

    Payment conditions

    The order is binding and constitutes an irrevocable engagement, except in terms of delay of legal retractions (alinéa 7):

    With ‘click’ – validation is confirmed by the client via the website

    On receipt of confirmation e-mail sent by Akwaterra Sarl

    The legal conditions which define the online purchase are settled in article 1124 and 488 of the Civil Code.

    Akwaterra Sarl reserves the right to refuse an order in case the procedure of the order is interrupted due to non-payment or declared litigation.

    General terms and conditions of sales can be visited on the website at the end of the page.

  3. Prize:All our prizes include VAT (at the moment of order), in Euro currency and do not include freight charges.

    Prizes may vary at any time due to: variation in prize by the supplier, changes in VAT, promotions. Any typing error by Akwaterra Sarl will be corrected within 48 hours and is not imputable.

    The client acknowledges the terms by clicking the button ‘I have read and accepted the general terms and conditions of sales’ before he validates his order and will agree to the automatic acceptance procedure, confirmed by the client, and without restrictions or reserved rights of the present General Terms and Conditions.

    All orders are effective at receipt of payment.

  4. Preparation and treatment of an order :Your products are packed with great care and the products will reach you without any damage and in perfect state.

    All orders placed before noon from Monday to Friday will be treated and dispatched on the same day.

    No parcel service on Saturdays. All orders placed on Friday after 12:00 to Sunday will be dispatched on the following Monday.

  5. Freight charges :

    Akwaterra Sarl can order a special transport service for bulk orders and extra weight.

  6. Payment of order:The client can choose to pay:

    – by money transfer via bank account (receipt of transaction appears at the end of the order procedure)

    – by bank card via Internet (CB, Visa, Mastercard). For your transactions Akwaterra Sarl guarantees highest security standards in association with PayPal. When you click on payment by bank card you will be automatically led to the PayPal page. You only have to complete the required information and click on – validation.

    For all secured pages, the URL on top of the page starts with https://, the letter – s – stands for security.

    Akwaterra Sarl does not have any access to your bank details at any time.

    In case of delay due to refusal of bank card, payment by cheque … the client has to see to it to clear his payment in another appropriate alternative way. If this fails, the order will be cancelled.


  7. Delivery:

    In order to allow the supplier to perform the delivery within the best conditions Massage Akwaterra passes on all information the client has given including his phone number.

    Massages Akwaterra engages in applying highest standards regarding orders and dispatch, and delivery periods according to indicated terms.

    In case of delay of 8 days after the expected expedition, the client must inform Massage Akwaterra to undertake the necessary steps to find a solution.

    The client must verify the condition of the package on receipt and inform Massage Akwaterra in order to eventually reserve the right for a declaration on the delivery receipt in presence of the transport service or the postal service. In case of damages recourse against the transport service must be effectuated directly (letter to transport service with AR and copy to Akwaterra Sarl). All packages once accepted will not be compensated.


  8. Act of nature beyond controlIn case of act of nature beyond control the successful performance of an order or delivery can be hindered and will therefore be automatically suspended:


    Natural catastrophes

    These cases are allocated to and normally treated by the French jurisprudence.


  9. Customer complaint for non-conformity:In case the dispatched product does not correspond with the order, the client can send it back to Akwaterra Sarl who reserves the right to take it back, exchange it, or reimburse in case the error occurred due to handling by Akwaterra Sarl. Each customer complaint is treated individually in good understanding and should be answered within 8 days after delivery.


  10. Right of withdrawal: 
  11. GuaranteeArticle 1641 according to Civil Code: guarantee against hidden flaws.

    We guarantee the good quality of our products, no further responsibility can be claimed above the plain replacement of the affected merchandise by the shop. In case of damage all customer complaints are mandatory to be handled with the transport company.


  12. Data protection:According to article 34 of the data protection law of January 6, 1978, the automatic treatment of information including the administration of the user’s e-mail address, is subject to a declaration to the CNIL (data protection and communication).


  13. Intellectual property:According to the intellectual property protection code all texts and photos on the website Akwaterra Sarl are property of the company Akwaterra Sarl. Reproduction, exploitation, diffusion is strictly not allowed.


  14. Legal venue:In case of legal proceedings concerning the interpretation or execution of the present contract, the legal venue is Tribunal de Commerce d’Avignon. This also applies in case of claims against third parties. All our sales are submitted to French law.