465.00  HT

The kit inclued four accessories (Ishka, Satinka, Kaya & Kinsey) It comprises four pairs of massage accessory of ceramic sandstone porcelainite.. Each one has a specific shape and function optimising their properties. Their ergonomic shape combined with the diffusion of the heat allows the practitioner to perform a profound application on the entire body with a continuous flow of energy, and also allows treating areas of tension.

The kit includes :

  • 4 pairs of accesories
  • 1 container
  • 1 heating plate
  • 1 guide "Massages Akwaterra"
  • 1 towel Akwaterra

Usage :

Hot or cold...

Accessories included :

kinsy, Kaya, Satinka, Ishka

For a maximum benefit and use of Akwaterra kit, we offer one day of training